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These pages are for informational purposes only and should not replace professional veterinary advice.

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Dog Breed of the Month

The Komondor: A Majestic Guardian of Hungarian Heritage

The Komondor, often referred to as the "mop dog" due to its unique corded coat, is a remarkable breed known for its protective nature and distinctive appearance. In this article, we'll delve into the fascinating world of the Komondor, exploring its appearance, temperament, living needs, care requirements, health considerations, historical significance, and some fun facts about this exceptional breed.


One of the most striking features of the Komondor is its corded coat, which resembles a mop. This dense, woolly coat serves as insulation, protecting the dog from harsh weather conditions. Typically, Komondors are large, sturdy dogs with a strong, muscular build. They have a deep chest, broad head, and a black nose. The coat color is usually white, which helps them blend in with the sheep they've historically guarded.


Komondors are renowned for their protective and loyal nature. These dogs are naturally suspicious of strangers and make excellent guardians. While they are gentle and affectionate with their families, they can be aloof with people they don't know. This breed's protective instincts make them highly effective at guarding livestock, which has been their traditional role for centuries.

Living Needs

Komondors thrive in spacious, rural environments where they have room to move. Due to their protective instincts, they may not be suitable for apartment living. This breed is well-suited for families with large yards or farms. They need regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy.


Caring for a Komondor can be quite unique due to their distinctive coat. The cords require regular maintenance to prevent matting and keep the dog comfortable. Their coat should be separated into cords by hand to maintain its appearance. Komondors also need regular baths to keep their coat clean. In addition to coat care, they require regular exercise and socialization to ensure they develop into well-adjusted adults.


Komondors are generally healthy dogs with a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. However, they can be prone to hip dysplasia, bloat, and certain skin conditions due to their unique coat. Responsible breeding and regular veterinary check-ups can help mitigate these health concerns.

Fun Facts

  • Ancient Guardians: Komondors are considered one of the oldest and most ancient Hungarian dog breeds, with a history dating back to the ninth century.

  • Corded Coat Origins: The Komondor's corded coat isn't just for aesthetics; it also serves a practical purpose. The cords provide protection against harsh weather, predators, and potential attackers.

  • Guarding Instincts: These dogs are known for their fearlessness when protecting their charges, whether it's a flock of sheep or their human family.

  • Hungarian Treasure: In Hungary, the Komondor is considered a national treasure and is even featured on postage stamps.

  • Drool-Worthy Puppies: Komondor puppies are incredibly cute but can be a handful due to their energy and protective nature. Early socialization is key to ensure they grow into well-rounded adults.


The Komondor's history is rooted in Hungary, where they have been guarding livestock for over 1,000 years. Their name is derived from "kumandor," which means "master of the horse" in Turkish. These dogs were highly valued by Hungarian shepherds for their protective instincts and ability to deter predators. The breed made its way to the United States in the 1930s, where it gained recognition for its unique appearance and guardian capabilities.

In conclusion, the Komondor is a unique and remarkable breed, combining a distinctive appearance with unwavering loyalty and protective instincts. If you're considering bringing a Komondor into your home, be prepared to invest time and effort in their care, but the rewards of their love and devotion will be immeasurable.

Bree o Month
Shlter Dogs

   Available For Adoption  

514 State Route 5S, Mohawk, NY 13407
Phone (315) 866-3255

Jane needs your help! Jane came from a different shelter a year ago after being a stray and nobody claimed her. She unfortunately has an inoperable mass which is cancerous on her leg and it has spread throughout her body.  We decided to take Jane into HCHS to help her find her a hospice home. She’s around 11 years old, and is just a sweet girl. She still has a lot of spunk but she is also arthritic. We feel that Jane doesn’t deserve to sit in the shelter any longer. She loves to lay out in the sun, roll around in the grass, and just be a dog. We unfortunately don’t know how much longer Jane has but we hope she can be loved in a home for the rest of her time. She still has a bucket list and wants to truly live life. All dogs deserve a home, but Jane can’t wait much longer.

For More Information Contact the
Herkimer County Humane Society

Princess is looking for a home. Princess was surrendered because her owner couldn’t care for her anymore. She’s only 5 months old, extremely friendly towards people, and gets along with other dogs. Princess does need some basic training but she’s willing to learn.

For More Information Contact the
Herkimer County Humane Society

133 Hilltop Rd

Sprakers NY 12166


Treeing Walker Coonhound
Large Adult Male (neutered)

Pet ID # 2020-75

Nicholas is the biggest ol' hound boy with that famous hound dog bark! Nicholas does love his people, but he needs to really learn what being a family dog is all about. Nicholas has been pretty reactive with other dogs since coming in, but did do well with the cat he was tested with. He has gotten better on leash, but still needs a new owner that will teach him manners and want to work with him to get the reward of his love for the rest of his days. Nicholas is a young, 4 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound. Do you have the space on your couch for this goofy hound dog?


More about Nicholas

  • Up-to-date with vaccinations

  • Good with cats

  • Not good with dogs

  • Neutered

For More Information Contact the

Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter, Inc


Anita’s Stevens Swan Humane Society

(315) 738-4357

5664 Horatio St, Utica, NY 13502



Animal ID: 54068806

Age: 14 Years 9 Days

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

Color: White/Black


Intake Date 08/31/23


Coonhound, Redbone/Mix

Animal ID: 52437504

Age: 4 Years 11 Months 19 Days

Gender: Male

Size: Large

Color: Red/White


Intake Date 04/14/23

Tuesday - Friday 11 AM - 5 PM,

Saturday 11 AM - 4 PM,

Sunday - Monday Closed.

Closed on Holidays

fun fact

The Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’ has a frequency only dogs can hear

In an interview in 2013, Paul McCartney said that he added a frequency only dogs can hear to the end of the Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’. So watch your dog when you play the song! How’s that for an amazing dog fact?

Three dogs survived the Titanic sinking

Did you know that three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic? Vetstreet states that the dogs were in first class and included a Pomeranian puppy - which her owner wrapped in a blanket to escape with, and everyone thought she was carrying a baby. Another Pomeranian and a Pekingese were also rescued. Move over Rose and Jack!

The Ewoks in Star Wars were based on a dog

If you’re a Star Wars fan you’ll love this amazing dog fact. The Los Angeles Times claims that George Lucas modeled the Ewoks after his family dog!

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About Us

About Us

Hi, and welcome to Nubbies N Tails. We are a Motley Pack of Dogs, full of corgi cuteness: bossy, funny, laid back, spoiled characteristics who would like to offer a positive dose of Dog. Here at Nubbies N Tails, you will find a wide range of pet-related topics: stories of our Pack, Dog News, Recipes, Tips, Humor, Videos and Pictures of Corgi Flops, and much more. Cause every dog knows he needs to keep up to date with the news from the canine world.


Of course, our days are short (just like our legs!) and there are lamp posts to sniff, animals to chase, toys to play with and mailmen to run off. It may not always be easy to stay on top of everything, but we will give it our best. Some of our content is written from our eyes and minds, but the rest comes from our Fur Parents, whom we Wuff very much.

Hello, we are Tracy and Brian, fur parents to some amazing pups. As you can attest to their "Who We Are" page. They inspired us to create this website to share their adventures and life with you all. We also would like their inspiration to infect the community of dog lovers out there. So come join us here, as we explore and share much information, articles, corgi fun facts, photos, recipes, and much more. Not only a life of a dog but the hoomans in it!

We also run Nubbiesntails Marketing Solutions, We cater to the small business and give that one-on-one customer service that the big companies lose. We bring a hometown feel to working for you. You will see some of the businesses and ads thruout the site. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Meet The Corgi Crew



Greetings I AM ENDORA, the Managing Editor.

I’m a 10-year-old Corgi / Jack Russell mix. Being the smallest of our pack comes with its challenges. But I have learned to be BIGGER than my size. I rule our Pack with an Iron Paw and my bite is worse than my growl.

I enjoy chasing cats, squirrels, rabbits, moles, and chipmunks.

I have had run-ins with skunks and a baby woodchuck.

Oh, and Tom the turkey.


Davinci 11/8/08 - 6/13/23

It is a heavy heart and with great saddness to let our followers and family know that Davinci on June 13th 2023, crossed the rainbow bridge.

For 15 years Davinci, brought to the Johnson Family, much happiness, joy, laughter, and Love. He was a Big part of our pack, and his passing will leave a gap that won't easily be filled.

The Nubbiesntails family will never forget our oldest, and will honor him, by continuing to leave his profile and page up. Good bye Davinci, til we meet again.


Montague "Monty"


I'm Montague, "Monty" for short.

I’m a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and I wuff lounging around the house and yard, relaxing and taking pictures. Most of all, I WUFF DAYDREAMING!

At 5 years old, I may not have all the experience as the Old Man, or my grumbly sister Endora, but I have a relaxed insight they both miss. 





Morning - Noon - Night  It's ALWAYS on my mind!

Hey Guys, I'm Kaos (YES, I live up to my name).

I am, like the only Cardigan Welsh Corgi in our pack.

I will be your FOOD CRITIC, as FOOD motivates my daily life. Doesn’t matter if it’s the great food Mom makes us or the food that is on mom and dad’s plate! It's all FOOD!

I have been eating great food for my entire 3 years of life!



Hello Everyone, my name is Dutchess and I’m Momma’s little princess. I am the baby of the pack, only 1-year-old and SPOILED ROTTEN. Monty is my full-blooded brother; we share the same mother and father.

I am going to be writing about MY life, puppy gossip, fashion, TikTok, and all MY social media.

Remember to Follow and Like My Socials.




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