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These pages are for informational purposes only and should not replace professional veterinary advice.

Always consult your veterinarian for personalized guidance on your dog's diet and health.

Dog Breed of the Month

Irish Setter (Red Setter)

The Irish Setter is a high-spirited gundog known for grace, swiftness, and a flashy red coat. They’re friendly, mischievous, and inquisitive, with high energy levels. They are famously good family dogs: sweet-tempered companions for the folks, and rollicking playmates and tennis-ball fetchers for the children with the potential to do well in many canine sports and activities.

The Irish Setter has been described by its partisans as the most beautiful of dog breeds. Standing more than two feet at the shoulder, with a substantial yet elegant build, the Irish is famed for a brilliant coat of mahogany or chestnut. Long, sinewy legs and powerful rear drive help to place the Irish among the swiftest of all sporting dogs. The Irish Setter's lovable personality has endeared the breed to sportsmen and pet owners for more than 200 years. Irish are outgoing dogs who enjoy making friends. These rambunctious redheads are big kids at heart, but they are eager to please and will respond to patient, positive training. They are said to be bold and rugged hunting partners, with a devil-may-care approach to their work.


Irish setters tend to be relatively long-lived dogs with average lifespans of 12–15 years. For most owners, the biggest health challenge will simply be making sure your Irish setter has his exercise needs met. Without enough activity, Irish setters can develop weight problems fairly easily, which can lead to other health issues.

Irish Setters are generally healthy dogs, and responsible breeders screen their breeding stock for health conditions such as hip dysplasia and eye disorders. Like other large, deep-chested breeds, Irish Setters can experience bloat, sudden and life-threatening swelling of the abdomen; owners should educate themselves about its symptoms and what to do should bloat occur. An Irish Setter's ears should be checked regularly for signs of infection, and the teeth should be brushed often, using a toothpaste formulated for dogs.

According to the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, sporting dogs, including the Irish setter, can be susceptible to:

  • Gastric dilation, or bloat: Bloat is a life-threatening condition where the stomach expands and twists. Without quick intervention, bloat is fatal. Talk to your vet about recognizing the signs of bloat and whether a gastropexy procedure (where the stomach is tacked to the abdominal wall to prevent it from twisting) is recommended for your Irish setter.

  • Hypothyroidism: Irish setters are one of the breeds most susceptible to hypothyroidism. The signs vary widely, but common side effects are weight gain, cold intolerance, excessive shedding, and lethargy.

Irish setters can also be at risk of osteochondritis dissecans, a condition where cartilage develops improperly in a dog's shoulder joint. This is common in large-breed puppies during growth spurts in the first year of life. Treatment varies by the condition's severity, from a few weeks of rest to surgery.

Recommended Health Tests From the National Breed Club:
  • Hip Evaluation

  • Thyroid Evaluation

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (Irish Setter) (PRA-rcd1) - DNA Test

Grooming and Care

An Irish setter's coat is the breed's hallmark. Their stunning rich-red coat requires moderate grooming to look its best.

It's the most recognizable thing about them and their long, red, Fabio-like locks have helped establish the Irish setter as among the most beautiful breeds in the world. But all that beauty comes at a price.

That long, fine hair is going to collect burrs easily and, if left unattended, will mat quickly. Brushing at least three times a week with a pin brush or a soft bristle brush; a long-toothed metal dog comb can also be used to help work out any tangles or mats that may be starting to form. Even with the upkeep, you should still get used to having hair around your house because shedding is a moderate concern for Irish setters, especially during the spring months when the dogs ditch some of that thick undercoat that serves them so well during the winter.

The nails should be trimmed once a month. An occasional bath with a gentle shampoo meant for dogs will help to keep the coat and skin clean and healthy. Grooming sessions are a good time to check the dog all over for any new lumps or skin problems and to check that the eyes and ears are healthy and trouble-free.

Irish Setter_edited.png


Like most Sporting breeds, Irish Setters need plenty of daily exercise. This can come in the form of long daily walks and play sessions with their owners'. Irish Setters love to be with their people. The breed also exercises mind and body by participating in canine sports such as obedience, tracking, agility, rally, and other activities that can be enjoyed by both dog and owner.


The Irish Setter is happy, affectionate, and eager to please. He is full of energy and will appreciate having a job to do. Keep training methods consistent but sessions fun and interesting to be sure he does not become bored. He responds best to positive, reward-based training methods, and not well to heavy-handed or harsh corrections. Early socialization and puppy training classes are recommended. Irish Setters excel in canine sports such as hunting, agility, dock diving, rally, tracking, and flyball, and their sensitive nature makes them a natural as therapy and assistance dogs.


The Irish Setter should be fed high-quality dog food appropriate for the dog's age (puppy, adult, or senior) and activity level. Learn about which human foods are safe for dogs, and which are not. The breed can experience bloat, sudden and life-threatening swelling of the abdomen, and owners should educate themselves about its symptoms and what to do should bloat occur. The causes of bloat aren't fully understood, but experts agree that multiple, small meals and preventing vigorous exercise around mealtimes may help reduce the risk of bloating.

Fun Facts

  • Irish setters gained a boost in popularity after the release of the 1945 novel Big Red, which was, in turn, adapted into a 1962 film of the same name by Walt Disney. Around that same time, President Harry Truman—a long-time lover of dogs—owned an Irish setter of his own called Mike.

  • That wouldn't be the last time an Irish setter would grace the White House lawn, however, as President Richard Nixon was gifted an Irish setter named King Timahoe by his staff as a 56th birthday present, and Ronald Reagan had a setter called Peggy.

  • Irish setters have also served as the (both fictional and real) companions to Mitt Romney, Sherlock Holmes, Alexander II of Russia, and the Finnish Air Force Squadron 24 in World War II.

Bree o Month
Shlter Dogs

       Available For Adoption     

514 State Route 5S, Mohawk, NY 13407
Phone (315) 866-3255

Piggy and Hazel

Piggy and Hazel are looking for a home! These guys were surrendered because their owner had to move and couldn’t take them. They are both a year old and extremely friendly dogs. Piggy and Hazel get along with other dogs and cats. They have a lot of energy and love to run and play! Please share Piggy and Hazel.

For More Information Contact the
Herkimer County Humane Society

133 Hilltop Rd

Sprakers NY 12166


Pit Bull Terrier
Large Young Female (spayed)

Pet ID # 2022-42

Cynthia is a silly, sweet, sassy little pitbull! She is good with some dogs but needs a dog pal who can put up with her energy.

Cynthia loves people!


More about Cynthia

  • Up-to-date with vaccinations

  • Not good with cats

  • Good with kids

  • House trained

  • Spayed

  • Color: Brindle

For More Information Contact the

Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter, Inc


Anita’s Stevens Swan Humane Society

(315) 738-4357

5664 Horatio St, Utica, NY 13502

Tuesday - Friday 11 AM - 5 PM,

Saturday 11 AM - 4 PM,

Sunday - Monday Closed.

Closed on Holidays


American Pit Bull/Mix, Terrier

Animal ID: 52381824

Age: 8 Years 4 Months 21 Days

Gender: Male

Size: Large

Color: Grey


Intake Date04/05/23

fun fact

Only one breed that was among the five most popular breeds in 1934— the Beagle — still remains in the top five today.

Yawning is contagious—even for dogs. Research shows that the sound of a human yawn can trigger one from your dog. And it’s four times as likely to happen when it’s the yawn of a person he knows.

A recent study shows that dogs are among a small group of animals who show voluntary unselfish kindness towards others without any reward. This is one fact dog lovers have known all along.

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About Us

Hi, and welcome to Nubbies N Tails. We are a Motley Pack of Dogs, full of corgi cuteness: bossy, funny, laid back, spoiled characteristics who would like to offer a positive dose of Dog. Here at Nubbies N Tails, you will find a wide range of pet-related topics: stories of our Pack, Dog News, Recipes, Tips, Humor, Videos and Pictures of Corgi Flops, and much more. Cause every dog knows he needs to keep up to date with the news from the canine world.


Of course, our days are short (just like our legs!) and there are lamp posts to sniff, animals to chase, toys to play with and mailmen to run off. It may not always be easy to stay on top of everything, but we will give it our best. Some of our content is written from our eyes and minds, but the rest comes from our Fur Parents, whom we Wuff very much.

Hello, we are Tracy and Brian, fur parents to some amazing pups. As you can attest to their "Who We Are" page. They inspired us to create this website to share their adventures and life with you all. We also would like their inspiration to infect the community of dog lovers out there. So come join us here, as we explore and share much information, articles, corgi fun facts, photos, recipes, and much more. Not only a life of a dog but the hoomans in it!

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Greetings I AM ENDORA, the Managing Editor.

I’m a 10-year-old Corgi / Jack Russell mix. Being the smallest of our pack comes with its challenges. But I have learned to be BIGGER than my size. I rule our Pack with an Iron Paw and my bite is worse than my growl.

I enjoy chasing cats, squirrels, rabbits, moles, and chipmunks.

I have had run-ins with skunks and a baby woodchuck.

Oh, and Tom the turkey.


Davinci 11/8/08 - 6/13/23

It is a heavy heart and with great saddness to let our followers and family know that Davinci on June 13th 2023, crossed the rainbow bridge.

For 15 years Davinci, brought to the Johnson Family, much happiness, joy, laughter, and Love. He was a Big part of our pack, and his passing will leave a gap that won't easily be filled.

The Nubbiesntails family will never forget our oldest, and will honor him, by continuing to leave his profile and page up. Good bye Davinci, til we meet again.


Montague "Monty"


I'm Montague, "Monty" for short.

I’m a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and I wuff lounging around the house and yard, relaxing and taking pictures. Most of all, I WUFF DAYDREAMING!

At 5 years old, I may not have all the experience as the Old Man, or my grumbly sister Endora, but I have a relaxed insight they both miss. 





Morning - Noon - Night  It's ALWAYS on my mind!

Hey Guys, I'm Kaos (YES, I live up to my name).

I am, like the only Cardigan Welsh Corgi in our pack.

I will be your FOOD CRITIC, as FOOD motivates my daily life. Doesn’t matter if it’s the great food Mom makes us or the food that is on mom and dad’s plate! It's all FOOD!

I have been eating great food for my entire 3 years of life!



Hello Everyone, my name is Dutchess and I’m Momma’s little princess. I am the baby of the pack, only 1-year-old and SPOILED ROTTEN. Monty is my full-blooded brother; we share the same mother and father.

I am going to be writing about MY life, puppy gossip, fashion, TikTok, and all MY social media.

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