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Build A Better Bond

With Your Dog

There are many different ways to form a bond with your dog. You don't need to spend hours and hours playing with them to do it.

1. Communicate in a Consistent Way
Communication is always key. Being consistent with what you are telling your dog helps lessen the confusion your dog may have when you are telling him or her. in return strengthen their trust in you. For example: allow them to greet you by jumping on you but when someone else comes over you scold them for jumping.

2. Offer Comfort
There's a myth that providing affection when your canine is scared like during thunderstorms, reinforces a pet's fearfulness. But Radosta says that's rubbish. "You can't positively reinforce fear," she says. "It's not possible. When a baby is crying and you hug her, she cries less, not more. The same for canines. You can't make the feeling of fear worse by loving somebody." So go ahead and give your pup some sympathy.

3. Discover Your Dog's Preferences
Each dog is different in their personalities and preferences. Some like to play fetch or frisbee while others just like to go for long walks. Others like to play with toys while again some prefer just chewing on a bone or rawhide.

Paying attention to what gets your dog excited helps create that bond.

4. Do More of Your Dog's Favorite Activities
Once you've figured out what activities make your dog happiest, do more of them. For example, if they like playing fetch or hide and seek. My dogs love exploring, so taking them to the park or hiding things around the yard for them to explore and find 

5. Teach Your Dog Something New
An excellent way to build trust is through positive reinforcement training, Radosta says. "When you learn something together, it builds the bond. Your dog comes to understand that you'll give him a reward—treat, toy, throwing the ball—when he behaves a certain way." You can use this method to teach your dog good manners, simple tricks, or even canine sports like agility.

6. Cuddle With Your Pup

As long as it is something you both enjoy. Some dogs just are not the cuddling type so don't push it if they don't like it. But for those dogs who can't wait to snuggle in your arms or lay in your lap, cuddling is the number one way to bond with their furry pals.

7. Give Your Dog His Own Space

Some dogs are more independent than others so don't be offended if your dog wants his own space. Take into account your dog's breed and personality, and if he wants to nap in another room, let him! You don't need to be together all the time to have an amazing bond.

8. Learn Canine Body Language
Did you know that dogs wag their tails when they're happy and when they're nervous? Canines communicate with their entire bodies. So to figure out how your fur baby is feeling, you have to know what to look for. Learning what your dog's body language means will clue you into his emotions. And that kind of understanding is bound to take your bond to the next level.

9. Pet Your Pup
Petting your dog is a feel-good activity for you both—it's calming for your pup and it's also relaxing for you. A Washington State University study found that just 10 minutes of petting a dog or cat significantly reduced cortisol (a stress hormone) in people. It's a mood booster as well, reports the National Institutes of Health. So petting your pooch may be one of the easiest, healthiest ways to connect with your fou
r-legged friend!

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