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July 4th is fast approaching. With this hooman holiday comes lots of noise and other things that are harmful to us four-legged family members. There are 3 things you hoomans can do for us.


1) Prepare us for the Holidays. This should be done by making sure we (the pets) are identified by a collar, tag, and/or ID tracker. This is in case we take off during the Booms and Bangs of fireworks. 

You could also prepare us by desensitizing us to loud noise well in advance of this Day. Keep us relaxed and introduce us to loud sounds until we no longer are bothered.

2) While Celebrating this Holiday, keep us inside and cool. Keep us away from your table food. As much as we like it, there is a lot of food our hoomans eat that is poisonous to us. So be wary of what others are giving us. If you have us outside, keep us on a leash, just in case we get spooked and run.

3) After the Holiday, please look around the yards and house. Make sure you pick up anything that we may be tempted to put in our mouths and eat. Things hoomans take advantage of could make us very sick (used fireworks, table scraps, wrappers, empty cups, chip bags, etc.)

These are a few of the things you hoomans can do to help keep us safe this July 4th. We Wuv you, so keep us in mind while you celebrate.


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