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If you would like to be added to our "Friends" page please send us profile information of your pet (name, age, what they like or don't like to do, favorite food, toy ect.) and a few good pictures

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Hi, I'm Harley.

I am ONLY 10 months old. Mom says I'm a big baby!

My favorite thing is to swim in my pool or puddle (whatever is available)

I LOVE being outside doing just about anything.   

My favorite toy is my blue soccer ball and anything that makes lots of noise. 

My favorite food would have to be cheese and broccoli. 

Mom says I am a stubborn dog whatever that means.

I'm protective over my hoomans but I am also super loveable.  



Barrrooo, We are Charlie & Buster

Even though we are senior dogs now, our mom and dad (Chris & Missy Pedro), have given up a great fun-filled life! We live out in the country so we have plenty of land to explore! We've gone on many adventures in the woods and even encountered a porcupine once (that was NOT fun). 

I (Charlie) have been friends with Davinci for about 14 years now. We have had some fun playdates! I'm sure you will hear about them at some point. Buster is a food hound and will eat just about anything. Once he got into the garbage and ate lasagna and a stick of butter.

Buster use to date Endora, she was so bossy. He was afraid to break up with her, so he just patiently waited until she called it quits.




This is our sister Daisie

she is a pain in the butt!


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