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15 Tips to Keep

Your Dog Safe

This Summer

1  Walk at cooler times of day

    Early mornings are the best time or late evenings after the sun has gone down.

    The hottest time of the day is around 3 - 5 pm

2  Use Shoes/Boots or Pet Balm/Wax 

     Asphalt temperatures can reach as high as 56 degrees hotter than the air temperature!

     Having your dog wear boots during the hottest time of day can help prevent burns, blisters, and other damage to their paw pads. But, if they are anything like us (Nubbies and Tails Crew) they might not be so forthcoming to wearing such things so the next best thing is Paw Balm/Wax. Paw balm/wax can help soothe and protect our paws from the heat, elements, and cracking

A few other quick tips to keep your pup’s pads safe in hot weather

  • Walk in the shade as much as possible

  • Avoid black asphalt and try to walk on sidewalks and lighter-colored ground

  • Walk on grass as much as possible, it’s much cooler than concrete or asphalt

  • Try letting your pup follow the lead, they will often be better at finding cooler spots than you are


Also The 7-Second Rule!

This can help you know if the ground is too hot for your dog!

Place the back of your hand on the ground for 7 seconds. If it’s too hot to leave your hand for 7 seconds, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.

3    Always Bring Water & A Bowl


      ALWAYS have water available for your dog. And be sure to give your pup plenty of opportunities to stop and drink while you’re outside on a hot summer day!

There are so many options out there!

  • Dog water bottles with a reservoir for drinking

  • Collapsible bowls that clip to a bag, harness, or belt

  • Soft bowls that condense to fit into a pocket

4   Take Frequent Breaks

      Sometimes us dogs tend to just Go Go Go!  As a dog parent, you need to make sure we take breaks. Find some shade and give us a "paws" for a  drink of water and some treats. Take this time to check us over. Make sure there is no damage to our paws or that we are in any pain

5   Give Your Dog Frozen Treats

    Always a Good Fun Snack to help cool your pupperoo down!

  • Pupsicles

  • Frozen Fruits and Veggies

  • Frozen Kongs

  • Pup Ice Cream

  • Ice Cubes

  • Frozen Broth in Ice Cube Trays

6   Be Aware of Critters Like Snakes, Fleas & Ticks, Chiggers, Etc.

     The warm summer months always brings out fleas & ticks, so make sure you have a good prevention routine in place. Starting One - two months prior to the season is best if possible.

     With the warmer weather also comes more hiking and camping.

     Be sure to read up on snakes in your area. It’s a good idea to learn where they often hide out, what they look like, and which ones are or aren’t poisonous for your dog.

7   Don’t Leave Your Dog In The Car


      NEVER leave us in a car during the summer months, even with the windows cracked.


      Temperatures in a car can quickly surpass the outside temperature. It can literally become a sauna in no time!


      If you have the ability to leave the A/C on with the assurance that it will stay that way, you can leave us for a short time. But even that has its risks.

      Sometimes us dogs can turn the car off accidentally (seriously) or unintentionally switch dials on the air system (ie from cool to hot), etc.


       Leaving your dog in the car even with A/C on does still present risks!


       It’s generally a good idea to not ever leave us alone in the car during the summer months!

8    If Your Dog Must Be Left Outside, Provide Shade and Water


       Keep us safe during the summer by not leaving us outside alone for too long.


       It’s best to not leave your dog outside unattended for extended periods of time in the summer (especially without proper shelter). 


       If you must leave your dog outside for a long period of time, be sure to provide adequate shelter, shade, and water.


       Just remember that your dog has a “coat” on, so they’ll likely be much hotter than you’d think!

9    Use An Elevated Or Cooling Bed


       Elevated beds keep your dog off of the hot ground and allow air to pass through.

       You can also try out cooling beds or pads. Cooling beds or pads are either made from special material or are filled with water to help cool your dog down!

10  Swimming And Water Activities

       Any type of water activity is always fun and can help keep your furbaby cool!

       If your dog enjoys swimming, like we do, going to a nice pool, lake, or pond can do the trick.

       Splashing in a small creek, water features at a dog park, or even just putting some water on your dog’s back while out on walks. A small wading pool or splash pad in the backyard is helpful too


       Of course, swimming has its own risks so be sure your dog knows how to swim and has other safety gear as needed!


       Also, be aware that ponds, creeks, and lakes can have blue-green algae that are very toxic to dogs. So exercise caution!

11   Keep Lawn and Garden Products Out of Your Dog’s Reach

       Many lawn and garden products are actually toxic if ingested by your pup. Here are some lawn and garden products to keep away from your dog!


  • Antifreeze (not summer specific, but is often found in the same area as other lawn products and is extremely poisonous)

  • Pesticides

  • Like snail and slug bait

  • Herbicides

  • Roundup

  • Weed killers, etc

  • Some mulches

  • Fertilizers

  • Compost piles


       While that list isn’t exhaustive it covers most of the common toxic lawn/garden products for dogs.


       Generally speaking, any time you use a new lawn product, be sure to look up the ingredients for your dog’s safety. If there are toxic chemicals, don’t allow your dog near the product or where the product has been used for an extended amount of time.


       When in doubt, keep it away from your pup!

12   Brush More Frequently

        At a minimum, you should brush your dog once or twice a week!


        Brushing your dog frequently in the summer provides multiple benefits.


        While brushing, gives you the opportunity to check over our body and make sure things are ok. Are there any cuts or bumps that need to be taken care of? Any bugs or pests that need to be removed?


        Second, it helps release excess hair from your dog which can help keep them cool!


        It’s also a great summer safety tip to thoroughly brush your dog after hiking or exploring wooded and/or grassy areas!


       Unwanted bugs and critters like to hide out near trees, bushes, and grasses. So, after your pup ventures there, be sure to give them an inspection and brushing!

13   Use Sunblock (No, Really)


        Dogs with very short hair and fair skin can easily get sunburned when outside for extended periods of time. Using dog-friendly sunscreen can keep them safe and protected!

14   Screens On Windows In Your Home


        Dogs don’t always have the best perception of height, especially when it comes to windows in your home.


        Dogs often fall or purposely jump out of windows. So, having screens can help to deter that and keep them safe!


        It’s best to keep your windows closed if you aren’t home or able to supervise your dog.

15   Keep Your Dog’s Hair Trimmed (BUT NOT SHAVED)


        Keeping your dog trimmed can help keep them both safe and cool during the summer months!


        It’s important NOT to shave your dog. Shaving your dog can actually make them hotter. 


        Keeping your dog’s hair trimmed will also make it less likely for critters and bugs to end up in your dog’s hair.

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