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Every dog is different, going on walks can be sufficient exercise but it’s not always enough. Don’t always rely on walks for your dog’s daily physical activity.

If walks are the main feasible activity, here are some tips to make walks more valuable.

  • Find new routes for your dog to explore

  • Allow your dog time to sniff

  • Incorporate other dogs and people into your walking routine, companionship is valuable for dogs

  • If it’s safe, try using a long lead to give your dog more freedom on walks

Certain breeds have been bred for 100s, if not 1,000s, of years to perform specific tasks.

So ask yourself, what was your dog bred to do?

If the answer is to be a lap dog, then walks might be perfectly suitable for meeting his or her exercise needs.

But if the answer is to help with hunting, walks might not be enough.

Or if the answer is to herd livestock, walks might not be enough.

Possibly the answer is to protect, and walks might not be enough.

Do you see what I mean?! Every single dog is different.

The key is to find what type of exercise your dog derives the most enjoyment and physical exertion from and do that.

If you find yourself coming home from a long walk and your dog is still hyper, it might be time to reassess your exercise routine.

How much enrichment, activity, and bonding time do you spend with your dog?


Canine enrichment and mental exercise can come in many forms.


Here are some basic mental exercises and enrichment ideas for your dog:

The bottom line is, enrichment and mental exercise can dramatically reduce problem behavior and help your dog feel happy, exercised, and fulfilled.

Here are some great alternatives to walks to give your dog plenty of exercise:

  • Flirt Poles

  • Fetch

  • Hide and Seek

  • Puppy Play Dates

  • Tug of War

  • Running/Jogging

  • Free Exploration

  • Hiking

While every dog is different, most dogs truly enjoy quality time with their hooman companions.

Sometimes that is just as simple as giving your dog a nice belly rub after a long day’s work.

Or, you can use food and chews to bond with your dog.

Us dogs rely on you hoomans for many things, and bonding time is certainly one of them.

Do your best to give your dog focused attention and bonding time each day!

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