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Molly became part of the Wren family when she was 6 years old. She was the happiest dog they have ever known. Always up for an adventure be it swimming, car rides, hikes or just helping Joan in the garden, she loved to be with the family.

One of her nicknames was Thump-Tail Molly because that tail was always wagging. The slightest hint of anyone talking about her (sometimes even spelling her name aloud) would cause her tail to loudly thump against the floor, table, or wall.

She loved bounding through the snow, chasing tennis balls, swimming and hiking although in her older years her hips gave her trouble. Molly started slowing down early in the spring and would even have to sit down just walking around the house. They attributed it to her hips hurting and would give her pain meds.

Then one morning she went out and didn’t come right back. After 15-20 minutes they went looking for her and found her by the pond, gums pale and unable to stand. A quick trip to the vet identified a spleen tumor. At 12 years old with other medical problems, she was not a good candidate for surgery. They brought her home, saddened by the diagnosis, and tried to make her last few weeks as comfortable as possible. She was certainly well-loved by all of us (dogs and cats included) and is greatly missed.

Now she has an endless supply of tennis balls, petting, and treats in heaven.

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